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A Wheel loader can be used to shovel, load, transport, unload and flat bulk material, it can also do some light degree of work on the rock or hard soil. Our company, Aido Machinery has all kinds of wheel loaders for sale with high quality and competitive price. The bucket of the loader can also be equipped with a variety of work devices to suit different types of construction work. For example, it can be used to load or unload material and soil, clean up the working ground and transport material and log in a short distance.

The wheel loader can be widely used in urban construction, mines, railways, highways, hydropower, oil fields, national defense and airport construction and other engineering construction. It can play an important role in accelerating the progress of the project, ensuring the quality of the project, improving labor conditions, improving work efficiency and reducing the cost of construction and so on.

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Types of Wheel Loader

  1. Structure of Walking System

According to the structure of the walking system, the wheel loaders can be divided into two types: pneumatic ones and crawling ones.

Pneumatic wheel loader is composed of a wheeled special chassis as a walking mechanism and a working device and its control system. First, it can be used flexibly and has high working efficiency. Second, it has a low manufacturing cost and is convenient to use and maintain. Last, its tires have a better function of buffering to improve the comfortableness of operation.

A crawling wheel loader consists of a crawler-type special chassis or an industrial tractor as a walking mechanism and equipped with a working device and its control system.

  1. Position of Engine

According to the position of the engine, wheel loaders can be divided into the front end loader and backhoe loader.

So far, our company mainly manufactures backhoe loaders. Our wheel loader’s engine is located on the front part of the machine. Because the engine in the back can not only expand the driver’s vision but also can be used as adding weight at the same time, so that it can reduce the whole weight of this machine.

  1. Mode of Steering

According to the different modes of steering, the wheel loader can be divided into deflection wheel steering type, articulated steering type, and skid steering type.

  1. Types of Drive

According to the different ways of drive, wheel loaders can be divided into the front-wheel drive, back-wheel drive, and full-wheel drive. Nowadays wheel loader all adopts the full-drive system.

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Daily Maintenance of Wheel Loader

After the loader leaves the factory, in general, there is a run-in period (some called leave period)of 60 hours or so, which is based on technical characteristics of the loader during the early using time. Run-in period is an important part to ensure the normal operation of loader, reduction of failure rate and extending its service life. Due to a lack of knowledge of loader use or because of the tight schedule, or wanting to get revenue as soon as possible, some users will ignore the special technical requirements of the new machine run-in period. Some users even think, anyway, manufacturers have their repair period, if the machine is broken in the repair period, the manufacturer should be responsible for the maintenance. So the machine will overload for a long time to be put into use in the running-in period. Therefore, in the early using time, machine failures happen frequently, which not only affects the normal use of the machine and shortens the service life of the machine, but also affects the construction schedule because of the machine damage. Therefore, full attention should be paid to the application and maintenance of the loaders in the run-in period.

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Wheel Loader For Sale

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Wheel Loader For Sale

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Using and Maintenance of Wheel Loader

  1. As construction machinery is a special vehicle, operators should get training and guidance from the manufacturer, have a full understanding of the structure and performance of the machine, and obtain certain experience in operation and maintenance before operating the machine. The manufacturer should provide “product operation and maintenance manual”. The manual is a necessary data that the operator must learn before operating equipment. Before operating machines, the operator must first read “operation and maintenance manual”, and then undertake operation and maintenance according to the requirement.
  2. Pay attention to the working load in the running-in period. The working load in the running-in period shall not exceed 60% of the rated working load, and the appropriate workload shall be arranged to prevent the occurrence of overheating the site caused by the continuous operation of the machine for a long time.
  3. Pay attention to the regular observation of all instrument instructions. If any abnormalities occur, stop the machine in time to stop the operation before the cause is found or the fault is not removed.
  4. Check lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel oil (water) level and quality regularly, and check the sealing of the whole machine. If too much oil or water is found in the inspection, the cause shall be analyzed. At the same time, we should strengthen the lubrication of each lubrication point, it is recommended that in the running-in period, each shift should be added grease lubrication points (except for special requirements).
  5. Keep the machine clean, adjust and tighten loose parts in time to prevent parts from becoming more worn or losing.
  6. When the running-in period is over, the machine shall be forced to be maintained, checked and adjusted, and the oil shall be replaced. In a word, the loader in the running-in period of use and maintenance requirements can be summarized as: strengthen training, reduce the load, pay attention to check and strengthen lubrication. As long as pay attention to maintenance work and do it as required, failure of early time will be reduced. So that it can extend the service life, improve the efficiency of the operation and make the machine bring you more benefits.

Wheel Loader Price

The price of a wheel loader in our company is reasonable and competitive, because we have our manufacturing factory to make sure producing products of the best quality without extra cost. We can provide you various options without expanding your budget. So if you want to purchase any kind of wheel loaders, please feel free to contact us, we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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