Walk Behind Vibratory Roller

Introduction of Walk Behind Roller Compactor

Walk-behind roller is one kind of small vibratory rollers. Walk behind roller can also be called hand ground compactor, hand held soil compactor, hand roller compactor, hand road roller and hand vibratory roller. It’s the best choice for compaction of narrow ground or small area, where the heavy roller is too big to work on.Our company has all kinds of road rollers on hot sale now, including walk behind vibratory roller. Our company, Henan Aido Machinery Co., Ltd. , mainly manufactures and sells construction machinery products, aims at providing the best products and services for customers. Our walk behind roller all adopts imported engine and pump, all machine parts are of the best quality. Since we have our own factory, we can reduce unnecessary cost and set a reasonable and affordable price.

hand roller compactor

Model: ZDS824
Speed: 0-3Km/h (forward、backward)
Theoretical climbing ability: 30%
Nominal amplitude: 0.5mm
Amplitude frequency: 70hz
Exciting force: 16KN
Water tank volume: 20L
Drive: hydraulic transmission unit
Vibration: mechanical transmission, electromagnetic clutch
Engine: HONDA GX390
Power: 13.0hp/3600rpm
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As mini roller compactor, it’s cheaper and more convenient compared with big ones. Walk behind roller is designed for multiple ground compaction, including dirt, soil, asphalt road and trench. So this machine can be used for municipal road construction, highway maintenance, and rolling work at narrow road surface, like foundation of groove wider than 0.8m, construction building, pipeline backfill and compaction of sports ground.

Types of Walk Behind Roller

In general, walk behind rollers can be divided into single drum roller and double drum roller. Our company have all these two kinds for sale. In a further step, the double drum rollers can be divided into manual steering and hydraulic steering. Different types of walk behind rollers have different engines and different bumpers. You can see the brief introduction of each type in the following and decide which one is more suitable for your working needs.

Walk Behind Single Drum Vibratory Roller

Single drum walk behind roller has one steel drum, it is hand held and uses HONDA gasoline engine and American Danfoss variable speed hydraulic transmission. This machine has a high-capacity plastic water tank and stainless steel sprinkler pipe.

Walk Behind Double Drum Vibratory Roller

  1. Manual Steering

    Double steel drum walk behind roller has two steel drums. This type of roller in our company uses Japan YANMAR diesel engine and B&S/HONDA gasoline engine. It also uses light-load variable piston pump so that this machine can be driven to realize infinitely variable speed walking. Besides, it has a double wheel drive system and American cycloidal hydraulic motor.

  2. Hydraulic Steering

    Hydraulic steering double drum walk behind roller of our company, Aido Co., Ltd, uses American Danfoss heavy-load variable piston pump, which can make the machine realize variable speed walking. It also has American cycloidal hydraulic motor and a double-wheel drive system. The feature of hydraulic steering can reduce the labor intensity and improve working efficiency. Meanwhile, it will make construction of edge much easier. Besides, it has lifting mechanism, which will make it very convenient to transfer to another field.

Feature of Walk Behind Compactor

  1. Walking behind vibratory roller has a small and delicate shape, which is highly convenient for compaction of narrow ground.
  2. Walking behind roller has double wheel driving system and strong ability of climbing
  3. Walking behind roller adopts imported pump and motor, CVT, make sure the best quality.
  4. Walking behind roller has guide wheel and joystick, labor saving and easy to control
  5. Walking behind roller has two types: single steel drum and double steel drum, you can choose freely according to your budget and work requirement.
walk behind double drum roller

Model: DYW2060
Speed: 0-3Km/h (forward、backward)
Theoretical climbing ability: 25%
Nominal amplitude: 0.6mm
Amplitude frequency: 70hz
Exciting force: 15KN
Water tank volume: 50L
Drive: hydraulic
Vibration: mechanical transmission, electromagnetic clutch
Engine: HONDA GX390
Power: 13.0hp/3600rpm
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Capacity of Walk Behind Compactor

In general, walk behind roller has small size, compact structure, large working force, high efficiency and is easy to transport. It can be matched with large roller to work more efficiently. The large water tank solves the problem of refilling water again and again, which increases the continuous working time of the equipment. The adjustable folding handle provides a comfortable operating environment for the operator, which is also convenient for transportation or collection after folding.

Uses of Walk Behind Vibratory Roller

  1. Stratified compaction of cement stable layer in highway municipal maintenance and filling construction.
  2. The compaction of asphalt concrete at the edge and corner of a trench well.
  3. The compaction of the area where road roller can’t get in and work when pipe culvert, passageway, bridge abutment and other structures are backfilled in highway construction.
  4. The road laid of municipal landscape, residential community landscape, golf course construction and the paving and compaction of the sidewalk.
  5. It can also flexibly and efficiently complete the compaction of some other construction areas where are narrow and sensitive to the weight of the compaction equipment.

Walk Behind Roller Price

The price of walk behind roller in our company is absolutely reasonable and competitive, because we have our own manufacturing factory to make sure producing products of best quality without extra cost. We can provide you various options without expanding your budget. So if you want to purchase any kind of road rollers, please feel free to contact us, we’ll reply you as soon as possible.

Care and Maintenance for Walk Behind Roller

  1. When go to check gas level, please make sure the transmission parts is not in rotating state, in case of gas splashing or gas level check not accurate
  2. Before the discharge of lubricating oil, we should start the roller first to warm lubricating oil , so that the hot oil can flow out quickly and the impurities mixed with oil in the box can be discharged more easily.
  3. When the oil is changed, the engine should be stopped. When people are working under the car, the front and rear wheels should be blocked with stopping wood.
  4. When someone needs to check gas level or change the gas, the roller should be placed horizontally.
  5. Before removing the gas plug, the dirt on its surface and surrounding should be swabbed first. Before reloading the gas plug, it should be cleaned to avoid gas pollution.
walk behind compactor
American Cycloidal Hydraulic Motor

walk behind roller compactor
Streamlined High Capacity Plastic Water Tank

We provide products of best quality with reasonable price.

Safe Operation Rules of Walk Behind Roller

  1. When working, walk behind vibratory roller will vibrate after starting , the internal combustion engine should be set for the middle speed first, and then set for high speed
  2. Stop the engine when changing speed and direction, and reduce the speed of internal combustion engine when changing speed
  3. The roller is forbidden to vibrate on the solid ground
  4. When working on the soft subgrade , it should start to walk 1 ~ 2 times without vibration first, and then work normally with vibration
  5. When rolling, vibration frequency should stay the same. For the adjustable hand vibration roller, we should adjust the vibration frequency before it gets to work.
  6. Don’t adjust the vibration frequency when it’s not vibrating.
  7. The adjustment of reversing clutch, starting clutch and brake should be carried out after the main clutch is released
  8. When the machine is stopped, the vibration should be stopped first, then the reversing mechanism should be placed in the middle position, the transmission should be placed in neutral position, and then the hand brake lever should be pulled up, and the engine will be shut down after idling for several minutes
  9. When walking at high speed, the roller should not vibrate.

Aido Machinery promises to provide you the best products and service, customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. If you have willing of purchasing walk behind vibratory rollers, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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