Vibratory Plate Compactor for Sale

Vibratory plate compactors are ideal equipment for contractors and craftsmen who need to work on patios, landscaping & asphalt projects, walkways, paver stone installations and other similar types of projects. Plate compactor is designed for low cohesive soil with sand and gravel.Our company, Henan Aido Machinery Co., Ltd., produces and sells various compaction machine, and we have vibratory plate compactor for sale too.
Vibratory plate compactors have a large area of compaction plate, which will make compaction work easier, more labor-saving and efficiently. Vibratory plate compactor also has very high vibration rate, so it can make sure soil ground is completely compacted and become dense and smooth.


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We provide products of best quality with reasonable price.

Feature of Vibratory Plate Compactor

When you buy plate compactor, there are several basic points that you must need to pay attention, in case that you finally purchase a machine which value in practical using doesn’t match your cost. Basically, these are several important points about a vibratory compactor: engine, plate material, damping column, sprinkler device.  Here are Features of vibratory plate compactor in Aido machinery.
The vibration mechanism and power part are connected by high elastic natural rubber damping column, which is durable and comfortable in operation.
The tamping plate is made of cast iron with high mechanical properties, strong impact ability and good wear resistance.
The enclosed belt cover effectively organizes the entry of sand and dust, and improves the service life of the belt and the safety of the operator.
Equipped with sprinkler device for asphalt pavement trimming.

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Why Buy Plate Tamper Instead of Renting?

As we all know, plate tamper is a normal kind of compaction machine used in ground compaction. It’s comparably small, light and cheap. So if you need to construct in small area, this machine must be used in a very high frequency. Because of the reusability, in a long way, purchasing one will be much more money-saving than renting again and again. Plus, it also reduces trouble and saves time. Once you buy and own it, you can use it in anytime anywhere, which is a lot more convenient.

Vibratory Plate Compactor Price

If you decide to purchase a vibratory plate compactor, the price must be focus that you care about. The price of Aido Machinery’s plate compactors will make you satisfied 100% sure. Our company absorbed advanced technology abroad and then combined it with our own outstanding skills from years of manufacture experience. In the base of ensuring the best quality of products, we tried our best to reduce the production cost at a reasonable range. Since we have the highest standard for each part of machine, we’re confident to say that our products will be more durable and wearable during working. It will reduce your maintenance and repair expanding. In this way, the price is even more cost-effective.

How Dose Vibratory Plate Compactor Work?

Vibratory plate compactors are equipped to increase the density of sand, gravel, stony aggregates, loose soils and other types of mediums into a soundly compact and level foundation.
They typically are walk-behind construction equipment that are powered by durable engines that impart compaction through a steel plate that is mounted on the bottom of the machine usually ranging in area from between 1.5 to 3 ft.²
Compacting a foundation will reduce the likelihood of swelling, water seepage, as well as expansion- this will also increase the lifetime sustainability of your particular project.

How to Operate Plate Compactors

Turning on the plate compactor for the first time, you want to make sure that the fuel is on, then turn the choke on (one note – if you are turning the machine back on after just having used it you will not need to turn the choke on), then you’ll give it a pull to start.

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Model: DPH106
Impact frequency (Hz): 90
Compaction depth (cm): 30
Walking speed (m/min): 20
Net weight (kg): 106
Supporting power: GX160Q/168F
Impact energy (KN): 20
Base size (mm): 500×490
Power (kw/r/min): 3.6/3600
Gross weight (kg): 126
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When You’re Choosing Vibratory Plate Compactor

Vibratory plate compactors are ideal if you are working with granular soils.
These are soils that when you hold them in your hands crumble very easily. Generally plate compactors are classified as single direction or reversible.
If they are reversible, the machines will have a shift mechanism that functions through an exciter shaft that will change the eccentric weight orientation going to be held in an opposite direction.
This sort of shifting system will be either hydraulically or mechanically actuated. There are fans of hydraulic actuation who claimed that the units have a greater degree of reliability and a clear looking design. People that favor mechanical actuation are fans of the lower cost and easier maintenance responsibilities.
Plate compactors can vary widely in weight, with some only weighing 150 pounds and others weighing upwards of 1,700 pounds.
As well some machines will only have 5 hp while others could have upwards of 20 hp.

Safe Operation Rules for Vibratory Plate Compactor

  1. Before starting, check engine oil level to required position. Use 93 unleaded gasoline and add it during machine is stopped.
  2. Before work, check whether the connection of each screw is loose. If so, fasten it in time.
  3. When working, the vibratory plate tamper’s clutch transmits the power, and the throttle should be switched to the maximum to avoid the middle speed running.
  4. When starting the engine, turn on the oil circuit switch and the electromagnetic switch first. Close the choke when starting cold and pull the handle fast. After starting, open the choke and idle for 3-5 minutes.The combination of accelerator and quick running clutch makes the plate compactor start to vibrate.
  5. Stop the machine: after finishing work, the engine will idle for 3-5 minutes and then the electromagnetic switch and oil circuit switch will be closed.

Maintenance of Vibratory Plate Compactor

  1. Check engine oil, fuel oil and purge air filter frequently.
  2. Check whether screws and pipe heads are loose.
  3. Start the machine regularly to check whether it works normally.
  4. Change oil as scheduled.

Aido Machinery promises to provide you the best products and service, customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. If you have willing of purchasing vibratory plate compactors, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll reply as soon as we can.

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