Aido Machinery is an enterprise engaged in export trade of engineering machinery. We have quality tractors of different modes and sizes. We produce and sell tractors that uses high end technology and delivers maximum productivity. All of our tractors uses engines and attachments of best quality to ensure its long working-life. What’s more, we have a set of complete after-sales service. We always keep one most important thing on mind – customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. Therefore, we’ve constantly been devoted to try our best to provide best products in reasonable price.

Aido has tractors of small size, mid-size and large size to meet your actual working requirement. There are varieties of tractors for your select. If you’re willing to know more details about tractors, feel free to contact with us directly, we’ll reply and offer the help you need as soon as possible.

The word Tractor first comes from Latin words, “tractus”, which means pulling or drawing something. As is known, tractors are mostly applied in agriculture, they’re created to help with farmer’s agricultural activities.

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Why Tractors Are Invented

  1. From ancient time, people are used to use specific animals to transport and do some farming work. The animals can always be oxen or horses. But the efficiency of working animals can not meet growing production needs of human society gradually, then human beings invented tractors to replace animals to pull things for farmers.
  2. Besides, animals can only pull things on the farm, while tractors can do both pulling, transporting and other simple agricultural activities.
  3. With different farming equipment, tractors can be successfully used for a wide range of agricultural activities. For example, with correspond farm equipment, tractors can be taken use to do planting, plowing, fertilizing, cultivating, and harvesting.


Types of Tractors For Sale

According to different classifying standard, tractors can be classified differently. The specific division can be as follows:

  1. According to their horse power, tractors can be sorted as small tractor(under 20 hp), mid-size tractor(20-100 hp) and large tractor(over 100 hp).
  2. Specific usage. Since different designed tractors are suitable for different work condition and field, tractors can be classified to agriculture tractors, forestry tractor and industrial tractor. For a further step, the agriculture tractor can be divided into normal agriculture tractor, garden tractor and orchard tractor.
  3. According to the structure classification, tractors can be divided into wheel tractors, crawling tractors, walking tractors, boat tractors and self-propelled bottom disc tractors. Among them, wheeled tractors can be divided into rear wheel drive type and four-wheel drive type.
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Features of DTY750

  1. 75hp, two-wheel drive.
  2. LR4B5-23 diesel engine.
  3. Hydraulic steering system, adjustable steering wheel.
Model DTY750
Drive Type 4*2
Overall Dimensions mm 4250*2090*2850
Wheel Base mm 2342
Front Wheel Track mm 1400-1900
Rear Wheel Track mm 1500-2100
Min.Ground Clearance mm 360
Min. Turning Radius m 3.9
Min. Operating Weight kg 3030
The Number of Gear F/R 12/4
Travel Speed Range Forward km/h 1.92-31.72
Reverse km/h 5.22-15.66
Engine Model LR4B5-23
Engine Type Vertical,water cooled,4-stroke, direct injection, energy economical
Engine Rated Power kW 55
Engine Rated RPM r/min 2300
Rated Fuel Consumption g/kW.h 242
Tyre Size Front Wheel 7.50-16
Rear Wheel 14.9-30
Max.Lift Capacity kN 16
PTO Shaft Type Rear positioned, independent and synchronous
PTO Shaft Rotation Speed r/min 720 optional 540,1000
Max Balance Weight F/R kg 400/300
Max PTO Power kW 49.5
Tilling Depth Control Type Position and floating control
Max.Traction Force kN 21
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Features of DTY1604

    1. 160HP, four-wheel drive.
    2. Shanghai turbo-charge diesel engine SC8D190.
    3. Supercharged air/air inlet-cooled, low fuel specific consumption 6-cylinder diesel engine.
    4. Hydraulic steering system, adjustable steering wheel.
    5. Air pressure boosting type clutch control mechanism.
    6. Fully-enclosed cab with wide visibility and nice appearance, comfort and luxury, A/C and audio and air dust filtering.
Model DTY1604
Drive Type 4*4
Overall Dimensions mm 5390*2696*3450
Wheel Base mm 2848
Front Wheel Track mm 1680-2176
Rear Wheel Track mm 1620-2200
Min.Ground Clearance mm 459
Min. Turning Radius m 5
Min. Operating Weight kg 7115
The Number of Gear F/R 12/4
Travel Speed Range Forward km/h 2.25-29.06
Reverse km/h 4.25-11.47
Engine Model SC8D190 .1G2
Engine Type 6 Cylinder Vertical,water cooled,4-stroke, direct injection, turbo charged
Engine Rated Power kW 118
Engine Rated RPM r/min 2200
Rated Fuel Consumption g/kW.h 235
Tyre Size Front Wheel 14.9-28
Rear Wheel 18.4-38
Max.Lift Capacity kN 36
PTO Shaft Type Rear positioned, independent and synchronous
PTO Shaft Rotation Speed r/min 540/1000
Max Balance Weight F/R kg 720/300
Max PTO Power kW 106
Tilling Depth Control Type Position floating control
Max.Traction Force kN 37
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Tractor Price

The prices of Aido Tractors are quite reasonable and competitive. Our company always hold a faith that only we provide quality products with best prices, can we earn customer’s satisfaction and trust. Therefore, we’ve constantly contributed to create products with quality of highest standard. At the same time, we also try to control the price setting. Since we have our own factory to cut the reluctant cost, we can lower the price to a quite cost-effective level.

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We have an adequate team to answer all of your questions about products. We always try our best to offer our client a delightful and satisfying purchasing experience,through our thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service. So feel free to contact us as long as you want to, we’ll be glad to reply at the soonest.

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