Smooth Drum Roller or Padfoot Roller

If you’re in the market, looking for a most suitable road roller for your construction work, you might hesitate to choose one kind among all these different types. Maybe the first thing you’re considering is: smooth drum roller or padfoot roller? Actually, which type you choose depends on what your actual need is. That means you should consider your working environment and working requirements, such as how large the construction area is and what type of soil the machine will work on. I’ll introduce the difference between the two kinds of rollers and when to choose which one.

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What Is a Roller?

Road rollers are often called vibratory rollers. As compaction machine, vibratory rollers can rearrange particles in the soil to increase density of the soil. is designed for multiple ground compaction, including dirt, soil, asphalt road and trench. So this machine can be used for municipal road construction, highway maintenance, and other rolling work. They will compact ground surface by its load-weight and the vibration. They’re equipped with a circular wheel, as we often called drum, to impact and compact the soil or other types of ground. The vibratory rollers are often used for roadway construction. If don’t use a road roller, the road would have an uneven and irregular surface, making it very dangerous to travel. When it comes to compaction of building foundations, it can also work quite well. We can generally divide rollers into two different types: smooth roller and patfoot roller.

What Is a Smooth Roller?

Smooth drum rollers use static pressure, vibration, and impact to compact materials such as gravel, rocks, sand, and asphalt. Many road construction projects use smooth rollers, also called vibratory rollers, to create flat and smooth surfaces. They are one of the most common types of road rollers available to purchase. Typically there are two smooth roller models used: the single-drum roller and the double-drum roller.
Single-drum roller: This type of smooth roller has one steel drum at the front end with pneumatic tires at the back. It is also called a road roller or steamroller. Due to its sturdy tires, it has quality traction.
Double-drum roller: As opposed to the single-drum roller, the twin-drum roller has two steel drums with one found at the front and one located at the back. As a result, the drums move the roller forward and backward, not the tires. Because it lacks tires, this type of machine does not have great traction.

What Is a Padfoot Roller?

Just like smooth rollers, padfoot rollers generate static pressure, vibration, and impact on the materials. However, they also generate manipulative force. This allows for uniform compaction during the entire process. These rollers, also called tamping foot rollers, have tapered pads that penetrate and compact the soil to build up the soil’s strength. Gravity and the vibrations compact the material from the top down.

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Single Steel Drum Roller

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How to Choose Road Rollers?

1.Types of Projects

The smooth roller works best at construction and roadwork job sites. Single-drum rollers compact soil, gravel, and asphalt and prepare the surface for driveways, sidewalks, and foundations. They create a smooth and flat ground surface.
The double-drum roller, also known as a twin-drum roller, is mostly used for asphalt compaction and other aggregate base materials. It works best on projects involving roads, paths, playgrounds, and parking lots.
Use the padfoot roller for projects where you need to compact soil at greater depths.

2.Size of the Projects

The type of roller you should purchase also depends on the size of your project. If you have a lengthy road project involving limestone rock, you should purchase a double-drum smooth roller. You can use a single-drum smooth roller to level the ground for a smaller project that involves a driveway or sidewalk. If you have a project where you need to fill trenches in a narrow space, purchase a padfoot roller since it gives you more maneuverability.

3.Types of Soil

If you have a construction project that involves work with more granular materials, consider using smooth rollers. This type of machinery locks the soil pieces together to give a stronger grip to the surface. You should use a speed of 1.2 to 3 mph to compact gravel and sand. If the soil contains cohesive materials, such as clay, silt, or loam, you should use a padfoot roller. You should use a speed of 0.6 to 1.6 mph for rock and clay.

Remember that you need different types of rollers depending on your project’s type and size as well as what kind of soil you’re working with. Purchasing a smooth or padfoot roller allows you to select the right type of machinery for each individual job without locking you into a large equipment purchase.

Operation Rules of Vibratory Road Rollers

  1. When on the operation, the roller should start before the shock, the internal combustion engine should first work for the middle speed, and adjust to high speed.
  2. When changing speed or reversing, the machine should stop.When changing speed, the internal combustion engine speed should be reduced.
  3. It is strictly prohibited for the roller to vibrate on the solid ground.
  4. When rolling on soft subgrade, the roller should first roll 1 ~ 2 times without vibration, and then start to vibrate and roll.
  5. Rolling and vibration frequency should be consistent. For the vibratory roller that can be adjusted by you, the vibratory frequency should be adjusted first before operation, and the vibratory frequency should not be adjusted without vibration.
  6. The adjustment of reversing clutch, starting clutch and brake should be carried out after the main clutch is released.
  7. Do not use fast gear when going up or down.
  8. The roller shall not engage vibration when driving at high speed.
  9. When the machine is stopped, the vibration shall be stopped first, then the reversing mechanism shall be placed in the middle position, the transmission shall be placed in neutral position, and finally the hand brake lever shall be pulled up, and the engine shall be shut down after idling for several minutes.
  10. Other operation requirements shall comply with the provisions of the static roller.

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