Small Plate Compactor

Small plate compactors are plate compactors with lighter weight and smaller shape, which is designed for narrow areas like the edges of road, abutment channel, groove in narrow trenches. It can play a very important role when heavy machines are too big to work in some narrow spaces. Our company, Aido Machinery produces and sells various plate compactors, which certainly contain small plate compactor. Unlike road rollers, the advantage of small plate compactors is that it is more portable and convenient, suitable for small pieces of work. Meanwhile, it definitely can save your cost for its lower price. So if you need a small compaction machine, a small plate compactor is surely your first and perfect choice.

small plate compactor

Model: DPHS160
Impact frequency (Hz): 90
Compaction depth (cm): 30
Walking speed (m/min): 20
Net weight (kg): 160
Supporting power: GX270
Impact energy (KN): 30
Base size (mm):700×400
Power (kw/r/min): 5.1/3600
Gross weight (kg): 180
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What is a Small Plate compactor

The small plate compactor is a kind of self-powered earth compacting machine. It can compact soil and asphalt by using its large and flat compaction plate. Aido Machinery’s small plate compactor uses ductile as the material of plate, which can ensure the machine’s high efficiency and longer working life.
Small plate compactor is designed for compaction of narrow areas and areas next to structures such as walls, curbs and foundations. Unlike the tamping rammer, instead of cohesive soil ground, small plate tamper is more suitable for loose, granular soils, gravel, paving stones and asphalt.

Feature of Small Plate Compactor

  1. These are features of small plate compactors in Aido Machinery.
  2. Aido’s small plate compactors are equipped with removable wheel for easy transport.
  3. They’re also equipped with sprinkler device, designed for asphalt pavement trimming.
  4. Heavy-duty shock mounts will reduce vibration to the upper engine and handle, which will make the manual operation a lot more comfortable.
  5. They have throttle control for easy holding working speed (Throttle control is available as optional).
  6. The small plate compactor’s radius base plate is designed for easy access to corners and the open plate can provide its self-cleaning.
  7. The handle of reversible plate compactor is ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering and handling of the compactor.
  8. The small plate compactor has a compact structure and an eye-catching shape.
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Working Principle of Small Plate Compactor

Small plate compactors are used for increasing the density of soil, sand, gravel, asphalt and other types of ground.They typically are walk-behind construction equipment that are powered by durable engines that impart compaction through a steel plate that is mounted on the bottom of the machine usually ranging in area from between 1.5 to 3 ft.²
Compacting a foundation will reduce the likelihood of swelling, water seepage, as well as expansion- this will also increase the lifetime sustainability of your particular project.

When You Buy a Small Plate Compactor

  1. The first and most important thing that you’re considering might be whether you should buy it. If you choose to rent from a nearby shop, it may cost you several hundred dollars once. If you just need it to work for you once, it’s probably a good idea. However, if you want to use the plate compactor frequently, renting one certainly isn’t a wise decision and may cause you trouble in the future. To think about it cautiously, first, you have to spend a couple dollars every time. Then you also need to use it in a limited time range, which is really not convenient at all. In addition, You’ll also have to transport it back and forth to the rental location.
  2. To choose the right plate compactor that is suitable for you, you should consider the plate size you need first. You should make the choice according to your work types and plans. For example, if you need to work on small areas, like a parking spot, just a small machine can meet your requirements. In the opposite, if you need to work on a large area, like a whole parking lot, the best choice for you must be the biggest machine that you’re willing to afford.
  3. Plate compactors are not only used in ground construction and repairing, but also can be used on some normal household tasks like stone pavement in your garden. So purchasing one plate compactor is absolutely a valuable investment.
  4. The other thing you should consider is power. If you’re a person who has small figure, you’re not suitable for the heaviest and most powerful machine, it’s not a correct choice for you. If you’re going to use this heavy duty plate compactor, you may find it very difficult to control and may cause unnecessary troubles. You may even get injured. Therefore, remember to select a machine that actually fits your work requirement and your ability.
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Notes for Operation of Small Plate Compactor

  1. Before starting, check engine oil level to required position. Use 93 unleaded gasoline and add it during machine is stopped.
  2. Before work, check whether the connection of each screw is loose. If so, fasten it in time.
  3. When working, the vibratory plate tamper’s clutch transmits the power, and the throttle should be switched to the maximum to avoid the middle speed running.
  4. When starting the engine, turn on the oil circuit switch and the electromagnetic switch first. Close the choke when starting cold and pull the handle fast. After starting, open the choke and idle for 3-5 minutes.The combination of accelerator and quick running clutch makes the plate compactor start to vibrate.
  5. Stop the machine: after finishing work, the engine will idle for 3-5 minutes and then the electromagnetic switch and oil circuit switch will be closed.

Small Plate Compactor Price

If you decide to purchase a small plate compactor, the price must be focus that you care about. The price of Aido Machinery’s plate compactors will make you satisfied 100% sure. Our company absorbed advanced technology abroad and then combined it with our own outstanding skills from years of manufacture experience. In the base of ensuring the best quality of products, we tried our best to reduce the production cost at a reasonable range. Since we have the highest standard for each part of machine, we’re confident to say that our products will be more durable and wearable during working. It will reduce your maintenance and repair expanding. In this way, the price is even more cost-effective.

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