Single Drum Roller vs. Double Drum Roller

When you need to do compaction work for a large project of road or ground construction, a road roller must be your first consideration. Road rollers have different types, we can generally divide into two types: single drum vibratory roller and double drum vibratory roller. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose on the basis of your actual working needs and working area type. Our company, Aido Machinery has both two kinds for sale. But when to use which one? I’ll introduce these two kinds of machine in the following.

Road Roller Uses

Road roller is a moving machine used for compaction work of different types of ground. It can be used for soil, earth, dirt, stone, asphalt and trench. It has circular wheel which we often called drum, to impact and compact uneven ground.
The machine’s engine is a key point to propel the wheel to spin. Our company, AIDO machinery uses engine of the best quality , like Honda engine. The engine provides a lot of power to make the machine’s wheel spin at a high rate. That’s why it can work on large area or tough ground.
As we all know, road roller is usually used for construction on job sites. Before pavement, the road should be compacted to be relatively flat. That’s when road rollers is needed. By using a road roller, you can also flatten foundations to make builds easier.

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Types of Rollers

Basically, there are two main types of vibratory road rollers. One is single drum vibratory roller, the other is double drum vibratory roller. They’re quite easily to be recognized.
Like its name, single drum road roller only has one big circular steel wheel, while double drum road roller has two. Double drum road roller usually has one drum before the cab and the other behind. Apparently, double drum roller can compact on more ground area at one time. When speaking to higher efficiency, we’ll think of double drum rollers first. But is it a good decision to purchase a double drum roller no matter what the working sites are? The answer is no. Actually it depends on real requirements of your work.

Introduction of Single Drum Roller

Single drum vibratory roller is a kind of heavy duty machinery. It only has one giant drum in the front, and it has special tires in the back. These tires are very solid and are capable of walking or climbing on uneven area. These tires of heavy duty will make the roller work better on construction sites and roads.
On the middle of the single drum roller, there is a cab where the driver(operator) can sit in. The cab sits high of the roller, to provide the best view of surrounding working area. That will make it safer and more convenient when the driver is operating machine.

Advantages of Single Drum Roller

  1. The single drum roller has its unique advantages. Since it’s smaller than the double drum roller, its sleek shape can guarantee that it can work in narrow and tight area, which the double drum roller can’t do.
  2. The single drum roller is perfect for preparation work before paving road. Using a single drum roller, we can easily compact and flatten the ground of sidewalk or driveway. Therefore, single drum vibratory roller is very good at highway paving and setting foundations for some buildings.
  3. The front of single drum roller is heavier, because it’s where the drum is. The drum needs to be giant and weighs much to compact the ground. Besides, due to the back tires, the roller will have better maneuverability than double drum one.

Introduction of Double Drum Roller

The biggest difference between single drum vibratory roller and double drum vibratory roller is that it has two drums instead of tires behind. That’s a characteristic which has its strength and shortcoming at the same time. A double drum roller can flatten ground in front of and behind the roller at the same time, while the single drum one can only compact on the front at one time.
It has double drums and no tires, so it uses these two drums to walk forward. Because of this, you can’t use this kind of machine for specialized work. They just work better on relatively flat ground or ground with gradual grading. They are not that suitable for slope.

Advantages of Double Drum Roller

The most significant advantage of double drum roller is efficiency. After all when you are operating the roller, two drums will work on the same time, it’s double area when compared with single drum roller.That will certainly improve working efficiency and economize manpower.
Because of better power and efficiency, double drum roller can work greatly on asphalt.The machine can flatten ground of highway with fast speed and high accuracy.
The double drum roller can also work on areas like parking lots or new roads.Before paving, it can compact the surface. Then after the pouring phase, the single drum roller can also compact the pavement and make it even.
The double drum roller is a kind of heavy duty compaction machine, it weighs at least a ton. The power of double drum roller comes from its pair of steel drums. Because of its heavy weight and giant power, it can be driven over most of the substances.
Drum rollers are absolutely the most useful machine when you need to compact and flatten surface of construction site. When working on asphalt ground, the double drum roller is your best choice without doubt. For most other compaction job, the single drum can be a good choice too. Anyway, you should consider your working requirement and working site first. Then you can choose the most suitable kind to help your business efficiently.

Our company, AIDO Company has varieties of single drum rollers and double drum rollers. If you want to purchase any, you can contact us online directly. We’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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