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As one type of important construction equipment, road rollers always play a big role in compaction work on job sites. A quality road roller which is exactly suitable for your project can be a very useful and trusty partner during your compaction work. Our company, Henan Aido Machinery Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacture of various road rollers. We constantly aim at providing our clients with products of best quality and service.

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Road Roller Uses

Road roller is a moving machine used for compaction work of different types of ground. It can be used for soil, earth, dirt, stone, asphalt and trench. It has circular wheel which we often called drum, to impact and compact uneven ground.
The machine’s engine is a key point to propel the wheel to spin. Our company, AIDO machinery uses engine of the best quality , like Honda engine. The engine provides a lot of power to make the machine’s wheel spin at a high rate. That’s why it can work on large area or tough ground.
As we all know, road roller is usually used for construction on job sites. Before pavement, the road should be compacted to be relatively flat. That’s when road rollers is needed. By using a road roller, you can also flatten foundations to make builds easier.

Types of Road Rollers

Generally speaking, road rollers can be divided into two different types, pneumatic tyred roller and steel wheel roller. Furthermore, the steel wheel roller can be divided into single drum road roller and double drum road roller.

Pneumatic Tyred Rollers

Tyre roller is a kind of compaction machine which increases the density of working medium by means of static compaction action of special tyre on layer material, depending on mechanical self weight. In addition to its vertical pressure strength, it also has horizontal pressure strength. This horizontal pressure strength not only has a compacting effect along the direction of the machine, but also has a compacting effect along the transverse direction of the machine.
A pneumatic tire roller is a machine that compacts roads by a plurality of pneumatic tires. The tire roller adopts pneumatic tires, generally with 3 to 5 front wheels and 4 to 6 rear wheels.
The pneumatic tire roller adopts hydraulic or mechanical transmission system, single-axis or full-shaft drive, wide-base tire, articulated frame structure and three-point support. The compaction process is accompanied with smashing effect, so that the compacted layer are embedded without being damaged, and are evenly compacted. It also makes sure good mobility and fast speed (up to 25 km/h).

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Double Drum Road Roller

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Steel Wheel Rollers

Steel wheel rollers can be divided into single drum roller and double drum roller. Basically, there are two main types of steel wheel rollers. One is single drum vibratory roller, the other is double drum vibratory roller. They’re quite easily to be recognized.
Like its name, single drum road roller only has one big circular steel wheel, while double drum road roller has two. Double drum road roller usually has one drum before the cab and the other behind. Apparently, double drum roller can compact on more ground area at one time. When speaking to higher efficiency, we’ll think of double drum rollers first. But is it a good decision to purchase a double drum roller no matter what the working sites are? The answer is no. Actually it depends on real requirements of your work.

1.Single Drum Road Roller

Single drum roller is a kind of heavy duty machinery. It only has one giant drum in the front, and it has special tires in the back. These tires are very solid and are capable of walking or climbing on uneven area. These tires of heavy duty will make the roller work better on construction sites and roads.
On the middle of the single drum roller, there is a cab where the driver(operator) can sit in. The cab sits high of the roller, to provide the best view of surrounding working area. That will make it safer and more convenient when the driver is operating machine.

2.Double Drum Road Roller

The biggest difference between single drum roller and double drum roller is that it has two drums instead of tires behind. That’s a characteristic which has its strength and shortcoming at the same time. A double drum roller can flatten ground in front of and behind the roller at the same time, while the single drum one can only compact on the front at one time.
It has double drums and no tires, so it uses these two drums to walk forward. Because of this, you can’t use this kind of machine for specialized work. They just work better on relatively flat ground or ground with gradual grading. They are not that suitable for slope.
Vibratory Road Roller Price
The price of vibratory road roller in our company is absolutely reasonable and competitive, because we have our own manufacturing factory to make sure producing products of best quality without extra cost. We can provide you various options without expanding your budget. So if you want to purchase any kind of road rollers, please feel free to contact us, we’ll reply you as soon as possible.


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Care and Maintenance For Vibrating Road Roller

1.When go to check gas level, please make sure the transmission parts is not in rotating state, in case of gas splashing or gas level check not accurate
2.Before the discharge of lubricating oil, we should start the roller first to warm lubricating oil , so that the hot oil can flow out quickly and the impurities mixed with oil in the box can be discharged more easily.
3.When the oil is changed, the engine should be stopped. When people are working under the car, the front and rear wheels should be blocked with stopping wood.
4.When someone needs to check gas level or change the gas, the roller should be placed horizontally.
5.Before removing the gas plug, the dirt on its surface and surrounding should be swabbed first. Before reloading the gas plug, it should be cleaned to avoid gas pollution.

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