Road Cutting Machine

Concrete cutting machine is usually used for road repair or groove cutting on road or municipal construction. Road cutting machine is a tool for road maintenance and construction, the main function is to cut the pavement. The cutting depth can be up to 100mm-200mm. It’s widely used in stone cutting, concrete cutting, precast cutting, new and old road cutting, carving, grooving and other hard and processing of other hard or brittle materials. Our company, AIDO machinery has road cutting machines of the best quality on sale. Here are some features of our road cutting machine.

road cutting machine

Model: DQG1350
Type: Gasoline engine, air-cooled 4-stroke, OHV, single cylinder
Walking Mode: Push type
Assembly saw blade: 3500mm
Fit aperture: 50mm
Engine: HONDA GX160
Power: 5.5hp/3600rpm
Water tank volume: 12L
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L
Fuel consumption: 313g/kw.h
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Main Features

1. The machine adopts hand push to walk and cut, the main axle equipped diamond blade.
2. The machine’s head driven by diesel engine through cone belt.
3. Equipped with a adjustment hand wheel to adjust cutting depth.
4. Equipped water tank back of fuselage to cooled blade.
5. Compact structure design, beautiful appearance

Working Principle of Concrete Road Cutting Machine

Road cutting machine is mainly composed of two parts: matrix and cutting head. Matrix is the main support part to bind cutter, and the cutting head is what will play the role of cutting during using process. The cutting head will be consumed gradually when being used for a while, but the matrix will not. The cutting head can play the role of cutting because it’s material contains diamond. As we all know, diamond is the hardest material, so it is be used in cutting head to rub and cut the processing object. The diamond saw blade of road cutting machine is driven by power to finish the cutting operation.

Why Do You Need Road Cutting Machine?

    1. Concrete—most of us have a love-hate relationship with it. Love it when we need a permanent, heavy-duty, weather-resistant surface. Hate it when we gotta repair, replace or cut the stuff.
      The prospect of cutting concrete can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.Most of the battle can be won by simply selecting the right tools. Try a concrete saw. Following is a rundown of common concrete-cutting tasks—from dinky to monster-sized—and the best tools and techniques for handling them.
    2. A concrete cutting task is not that much easy but yes it is a better way to use concrete cutting tools with right experience rather than using a chisel, hacksaw, hammer why? because it’s a sluggish process. Concrete cutting services can be done by professionals who have the grasp knowledge of their work & have various alternatives to do the job quickly. You can easily cut hard concrete-like wall, floor, stone or blocks for that you need tools which includes floor sawing, road sawing or core drilling etc.
    3. Blades should have sharpened edges with fine-toothed which can cut the material in a particular shape.The operator should know how to operate the machine properly.There is no person is in the vicinity when work is going on.Do not use the overheated equipment.Use both hands while cutting material.
    4. The machine should be very clean before using it after finishing up your work do the same so that it can work smoothly.Safety is a prime part so take safety measures always with you like gloves, hearing protection, safety glasses, safety footwear during your work.
road cutting machine

Model: DQG1500A
Type: Diesel engine, air-cooled 4-stroke, vertical, single cylinder
Walking Mode: Push type
Assembly saw blade: 500mm(maximum)
Fit aperture: 50mm
Engine: HONDA GX390
Power: 13.0hp/3600rpm
Water tank volume: 30L
Fuel tank capacity: 6.5L
Fuel consumption: 313g/kw.h
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Types of Concrete Cutting Road Saw

According to the different design and application occasions, the road surface cutting machine can be divided into portable type, conventional type and hand-propelled type.According to the driving mode, it mainly can be divided into motor drive, diesel engine drive and gasoline engine drive.The main types of road cutting machine are gasoline cutting machine, concrete cutting machine, asphalt road cutting machine.

Maintaining of Road Cutting Machine

  1. Check whether there is garbage in the general air inlet and whether all valves and pressure gauges are working normally.
  2. Check whether all air pipe joints are loose and whether all pipe belts are damaged. Tighten or replace as necessary.
  3. Check whether all transmission parts are loose, check the meshing condition of gear and rack , if necessary, adjust them in time
  4. Loosen the tightening device, use hand to promote the pulley, to see whether it comes and goes freely. If there are abnormal circumstances, adjust or replace at once.
  5. Check whether the clamping block, steel belt and guide wheel are loose or not, and adjust the steel belt if necessary.
  6. Check the power cabinet and operating platform, check whether the fastening screws are loose, and clean the dust in the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer.Check whether the wiring is loose.
  7. Check the performance of all buttons and selection switches, if any damaged, replace in time. Finally, draw a comprehensive detection graphics to detect the machine’s accuracy.
road cutting machine

road cutting machine

Road Cutting Machine Notes

  1.  We should always ensure that the condition and function of the operation organization on the cutting machine are normal, the device is safe and the fastening is firm.
    Before use, check and confirm that the motor and cable are normal, the protective equipment is safe and useful, the selected saw blade is in accordance with the requirements, and the device is correct.
  2. After starting, the machine first should work in idle load. Only after checking that the saw blade’s working direction is correct, lifting organization is sensitive, and there is no abnormal work or sound, everything is normal, can the machine start to work.
  3. The operator should press the workpiece with both hands. When pushing the cutting machine, the operator can’t push it too hard. Besides, don’t wear gloves when operating.
  4. The cutting thickness shall be in accordance with the factory nameplate rules of the machine, and shall not be cut in excess of thickness.
  5. When the workpiece is sent to a place 300mm away from the saw blade or cutting small pieces of material, special materials shall be used instead of directly pushing the material by hand.
  6. In the operation, if the workpiece impacts, jumps or has abnormal sound, the operator should immediately stop to check. After the trouble is fixed, machine can continue to work.

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