Reversible Plate Compactor

Reversible plate compactor is an ideal choice for compaction work of small areas, it’s widely used in roadway maintenance, compaction of roadbed and other compaction of asphalt. It’s designed for compactiom of narrow areas and areas next to structures such as walls, curbs and foundations.

reversible plate compactor for sale

Model: DPH150
Supporting Power: GX270 Q type
Power (kw/r/min): 6.6/3600
Working Quality (kg): 150
Vibration Frequency (HZ): 90
Walking Speed (m/min): 20
Fuel: 92# gasoline
Gasoline Engine Lubricating Oil: Four-stroke gasoline engine oil
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Unlike the tamping rammer, instead of cohesive soil ground, reversible plate tamper is more suitable for loose, granular soils, gravel, paving stones and asphalt. Aido Machinery’s reversible plate compactor is famous for its highest quality, outstanding service and competitive price.

Reversible Plate Compactor VS. Single Direction Plate Compactor

  1. When compacting, reversible compactor can work forward and can also work backward. Single direction plate compactor can only work backward
  2. Reversible plate compactor’s centrifugal force is bigger than single direction plate compactor’s, which makes the former one’s compaction depth deeper than the latter one.
  3. The plate of reversible plate compactor is generally larger than single direction plate compactor, so that its compaction area/unit is larger than single direction one’s

Features of Reversible Plate Compactor

These are some special features of reversible vibratory plate compactor of Aido Group.

  1. The reversible compactor uses HONDA engine, which has strong power and makes the machine super durable and reliable.
  2. The reversible compactor’s fully sealed V-belt drive reduces wear and tear on machine parts. That will prolong the machine’s working life a lot.
  3. Compared with wooden or iron plate, the plate made of nodular cast iron has a better quality and longer working life.
  4. The reversible plate compactor is equipped with rubber transmission wheel, very easy to be moved to another job site
  5. The reversible plate compactor can work backward and forward, has higher efficiency and is highly convenient to use
  6. The reversible plate compactor has a compact structure and an eye-catching shape
  7. The handle of reversible plate compactor is ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering and handling of the compactor

Notes for Using a Reversible Plate Compactor

  1. When machine is working in areas where the slope is too high (slope angle is more than 20 degrees), the engine lubrication system (splash oil) will not work normally and will damage important parts of the engine.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to operate the plate tamper on concrete or particularly hard, dry and compacted surface.Plate rammers will beat instead of vibrate, and finally damage the plate and engine.
reversible vibratory plate compactor

reversible plate compactor

We provide products of best quality with reasonable price.

Tips for Buying Plate Compactors

  1. The first and most important thing that you’re considering of buying plate compactors might be whether you should buy it. If you choose to rent from a nearby shop, it may cost you several hundred dollars once. If you just need it to work for you once, it’s probably a good idea. However, if you want to use the plate compactor frequently, renting one certainly isn’t a wise decision and may cause you trouble in the future. To think about it cautiously, first, you have to spend a couple dollars every time. Then you also need to use it in a limited time range, which is really not convenient at all. In addition, You’ll also have to transport it back and forth to the rental location.
    To choose the right plate compactor that is suitable for you, you should consider the plate size you need first. You should make the choice according to your work types and plans. For example, if you need to work on small areas, like a parking spot, just a small machine can meet your requirements. In the opposite, if you need to work on a large area, like a whole parking lot, the best choice for you must be the biggest machine that you’re willing to afford.
    Plate compactors are not only used in ground construction and repairing, but also can be used on some normal household tasks like stone pavement in your garden. So purchasing one plate compactor is absolutely a valuable investment.
  2. The second thing you should consider is power. If you’re a person who has small figure, you’re not suitable for the heaviest and most powerful machine, it’s not a correct choice for you. If you’re going to use this heavy duty plate compactor, you may find it very difficult to control and may cause unnecessary troubles. You may even get injured. Therefore, remember to select a machine that actually fits your work requirement and your ability.

How to Use a Plate Compactor

Before you begin using any piece of machinery, it is important that you become familiar with every aspect. That’s why you want to start by reading the manual and then familiarizing yourself with all the controls.
Turn on the plate compactor after you’ve ensured that there is fuel in the machine. To do this, turn the choke on and give it a good pull to get it started.
It is always a good idea to find an area where you can practice working with your plate compactor. Most professionals agree that practice is important before taking on your bigger tasks. You might think that handling a plate compactor is an easy task, but it is actually harder than it appears.

reversible plate tamper

reversible plate compactor

When You Run Into a Problem

  1. Plate compactors are heavy-duty machines, but sometimes things can go wrong. Here are some general guidelines when you run into trouble.
  2. Check to ensure you have enough fuel. You may also want to take a peek at the oil level as well. Do this while the compactor is on a flat surface.
  3. Inspect the entire machine. Look to ensure that all your components are tightened. This includes the belt, air filter and spark plug.
  4. Wash the plates. Sometimes the plates can contain an accumulation of dirt and debris. Clean them off as needed. Don’t ever pressure wash your plates as it could cause damage to the engine.
  5. Clean the fuel tank. Before you store or transport your plate compactor, you should properly drain all the gas and oil from the tanks. Make sure the unit is off when you do this.
  6. Check the battery. Sometimes the connections can come loose. You can use electrical grease if the poles need lubrication. This provides better connectivity and reduces acid accumulation.
  7. There are different types of reversible plate compactors in our company, vary from weight and parts. You can choose freely according to your working area and operation needs. We promise to offer you the best quality and service, If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll reply at the soonest.
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