Rail Grinding Machine

What is a Rail Grinding Machine

Rail Grinding Machine is mainly used to precisely polish the rail head, as well as to polish the burr generated by alumino-thermal seamless welding or strengthen welding of the rail and rail wear, and to trim the rail head profile to meet the standard requirements. It’s a common kind of small railway maintenance machine. Our group, Aido Group has rail grinding machine on sale now.

Rail grinding machine

Model: DGM4.5
Engine Model: 1P73F
Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine Displacement / ml: 190cc
Engine fuel consumption g/kw.h: ≤480
Machine weight (net weight) kg: 75
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The machine body adopts high-strength aluminum alloy frame, equipped with anti-skid guide wheel, which can polish the two sides and top surface of the rail head. Rail grinding machine is a kind of special equipment for rail head grinding in railway works, which can fill in the blank of current grinding machine field.

Uses of Rail Grinding Machine

Rail Grinding Machine is suitable for all types of rail in the base or site welding and rail head welding after grinding operations.

Feature of Rail Grinding Machine

  1. Rail Grinding Machine is easy to operate and suitable for grinding the upper plane, side and transition arc of the outer contour of rail head of various railways.
  2. Suitable for grinding the running surface of welded rail joints.
  3. With the function of profile grinding, the welding seam of the rail can get smooth surface after grinding.
  4. After both ends of the grinding machine are connected with the lengthening device, it can be used to grind the wave abrasion of the rail surface.
  5. Adjust the feed handwheel, which can accurately set the grinding depth at any time
  6. According to the particularity of the grinding operation of the engine, the patented design and development of the lubrication system can be permanently tilted 90 degrees to adapt to the grinding of the side of the rail head.
  7. It’s equipped with two supporting rollers and two regulating wheels, one person can easily enable the grinder to move and operate on the rail, which is light and fast.
rail grinding machine
Rail Grinding Machine

Rail Grinding Machine
Rail Grinding Machine

Notes for Operating a Rail Grinding Machine

  1. The rail grinding machine is operated by one or two people, with one hand supporting the hand wheel and the other supporting the hand frame.
  2. When the rail grinding machine is grinding, the operator must wear appropriate protective equipment: glasses, gloves, etc.
  3. The grinding should be done with even force to avoid damaging the grinding wheel due to excessive force.
  4. Stop the machine before replacing the grinding wheel.
  5. Idle for 30 seconds after replacing the grinding wheel, and other personnel must be away from the site during the trial is running.
  6. Before starting, check whether the fuel amount and oil amount of the gasoline engine are sufficient. If not, add fuel and oil first.
  7. Refer to the specification of gasoline engine for specific methods.
  8. Check whether the oil route is clear.
  9. Before the operation, firstly rotate the feed handwheel to the top to keep the grinding wheel away from the rail surface, then support the auxiliary supporting frame well and start the gasoline engine. Idle for 30 seconds, check whether the transmission part is flexible, whether there is abnormal noise, thread connection is loose.
  10. If grinding Mars falls on or near combustible materials, protective measures should be taken to avoid fire.
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