Pneumatic Roller

What is a Pneumatic Tire Roller

A pneumatic tire roller is a machine that compacts roads by a plurality of pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tire rollers of Aido Company adopts Japan Yanmar diesel engine and American Danfoss variable pump and French Poclain plunger motor, which ensures the best quality. The tire roller adopts pneumatic tires, generally with 3 to 5 front wheels and 4 to 6 rear wheels.

Pneumatic Roller For Sale

Model: DYS030
Rear Wheel Drive: Double motor drive
Operating Mass (kg): 20000/30000
Max. Travel Speed(km/h): 20.64
Tyre Quantity(Front+ Back): 5+6
Min. Turning Radius(mm): 8000
Compaction Width(mm): 2790
Grade Ability(%): 30
Overall Dimension(mm): 4950*2750*3240
Wheelbase(mm): 3800
Diesel Power(kw): 125
Diesel Model: 6BTA5.9
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The pneumatic tire roller adopts hydraulic or mechanical transmission system, single-axis or full-shaft drive, wide-base tire, articulated frame structure and three-point support. The compaction process is accompanied with smashing effect, so that the compacted layer are embedded without being damaged, and are evenly compacted. It also make sure good mobility and fast speed (up to 25 km/h).

Pneumatic Tyred Roller Function

Tyre roller is a kind of compaction machine which increases the density of working medium by means of static compaction action of special tyre on layer material, depending on mechanical self weight. In addition to its vertical pressure strength, it also has horizontal pressure strength. This horizontal pressure strength not only has a compacting effect along the direction of the machine, but also has a compacting effect along the transverse direction of the machine.

Since the compacting strength can act on the material particles in various directions, coupled with the “twisting action” produced by the elasticity of the tire, an excellent compacting effect is produced, so that the maximum compactness can be obtained. If the asphalt mixture is compacted by a smooth steel wheel roller compactor, the contact line of the steel wheel will form a “bridge crossing ” phenomenon between the large particles of the asphalt mixture, and the gap left by this “bridge crossing” creates uneven compaction.

Instead, the rubber tires are flexed and compacted along these contours, resulting in a better compacted surface and better compaction.At the same time, because of the flexibility of the tire, it doesn’t push the asphalt mixture in front of it. It makes the mixture be covered with the initial contact point, and give the material a great vertical force, so as to avoid appearing cracks which smooth steel roller often appears.

In addition, the pneumatic tire roller can also increase or decrease the weight and change the tire inflation pressure, which is more conducive to the compaction of various materials.Based on the above characteristics, pneumatic tire roller is widely used in various materials of basic layer, sub basic layer, fill and asphalt surface compaction operations.

Especially in the asphalt pavement compaction operation, the unique flexible compaction function of the tire roller is irreplaceable when compared with other compaction equipment. So it becomes the main machinery for asphalt mixture compaction. Also, it’s the ideal compaction equipment for the construction of high-grade highways, airports, ports, dams and industrial construction sites.

pneumatic tire roller
Japanese Yanmar Diesel Engine

pneumatic tyred roller
American Danfoss Variable Pump

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Feature of Pneumatic Roller

  1. The front and rear two sets of rubber wheels are staggered for comprehensive rolling
  2. The machine uses Yanmar diesel engine, Japan
  3. The machine Uses Danfoss variable pump, which can drive it to reach variable speed walking
  4. The machine uses French Poclain plunger motor to drive its walking. It also adopts full drive system.
  5. The combined instrument console equipped with microcomputer can realize functions such as operation, monitoring and alarm
  6. The walking commutation structure with the function of middle lock can ensure the safe start of the machine
  7. The machine has emulsion tank, no rust, good for spraying
  8. The machine has wide base rubber tire, rolled asphalt fine, smooth
  9. The machine is equipped with high illumination LED light, convenient for night construction
pneumatic compactor
Wide Base Rubber Tyre

pneumatic tyred roller
Combined Instrument Console with Micro-computer

Operation and Maintenance of Pneumatic Tyre Roller

  1. Each shift should check whether the parts of each connecting part are loose. Check the tire pressure and check if the bearing is hot. If there is any problems, it should be dealt with immediately. After the daily operation, the fuel tank should be filled with fuel to prevent water droplets from forming on the inner wall of the fuel tank.Before the daily operation, open the drain valve of the fuel tank to release water. After the engine fuel is exhausted or the filter element is replaced, the air inside the road must be drained.
  2. Always check whether the hydraulic system fuel tank needs to be added with hydraulic oil, and whether there is oil leakage in each oil pipe joint.
  3. Fill the lubrication parts with lubricant as required by the lubrication schedule.
  4. Always check and adjust the axial clearance of the rolling wheel. After the road roller has been in operation for half a year, the installation position of each rolling wheel should be changed to make the tire wear tend to be uniform.
  5. When the roller is transported by itself, the tire pressure should be kept below 0.6 to 0.65Mpa, and the driving distance should not be too far.
  6. The brake mechanism should be checked and maintained frequently.
  7. If the road roller is parked for a long time, it should be erected to reduce the deformation of the tire under pressure. After being parked for a long time, it should be checked whether the lubricating oil of each part is deteriorated if it is used again. If the lubricant oil can’t be used, the waste oil should be discharged and replaced with new oil.
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