Jumping Jack Compactor

Compared with other compaction machine, jumping jack compactor has a better effect on impacting cohesive soil. Jumping jack compactor is suitable for the construction of buildings, ground, courtyards, roadbeds, bridge piles, grooves, fields, narrow fields and other environments. There are jumping jack compactors on hot sale in our company, Aido Machinery.

Our jumping jack compactors for sale have characteristics of advanced design, compact structure, stable performance, large compaction force, flexible operation, safe operation, wide range of application and high efficiency.

vibrating tamper

Model: ZDCR870A
Impact frequency(Number/min): 700
Leep height (mm): 65
Power (kw/r/min): 2.2/4000
Net weight (kg): 75
Supporting power: HONDA GX100
Impact energy (Kn): 15
Walking speed (m/min): 17
Base size (mm): 280×335
Gross weight (Kg):92
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Features of Jumping Jack Compactor

  1. The gas tamper in Aido Machinery adopts imported engine, Honda engine. It also uses double-cleaner system(main cleaner+pre-cleaner=four filtration), to protect the gasoline engine better and prolong working time.
  2. It uses imported pipeline only used for EPA and double-filtration system for fuel oil.
  3. It uses natural rubber shock absorber strut to connect manual operation parts and the machine, make it more convenient and comfortable to operate the machine.
  4. It’s rammer’s material is rubber shock absorber strut, which is highly wearable and has strong shock resistance ability.
  5. It has a streamlined and eye appealing design of shape.

The Uses of Jumping Jack Compactor

Jumping jack tamper is good at impacting and compacting the cohesive soil. It’s suitable for the construction of buildings, ground, courtyards, roadbeds, bridge piers, grooves, outdoor fields, narrow fields and other environments. It can be competent for construction tasks that cannot be completed by large and medium-sized machinery.

Jumping jack compactor has the characteristics of advanced design, compact structure, stable performance, large compacting force, flexible operation, safe use, wide range of adaptability and high efficiency. It is not only suitable for compaction of sand, tri-mixed soil and various sand soils, but also suitable for compaction of asphalt, lean concrete and clay, especially for construction of narrow ground such as indoor floor, courtyard and groove.

However, its rammer area is limited, so it’s not the best choice for large areas of earth compaction. For compaction of large area, vibratory rolllers is definitely a better choice. Our company also have various road rollers for sale, if you’re also interested in rad rollers, you can have a look too.

jumping jack machine

We provide products of best quality with reasonable price.

Operation Guide of Jumping Jack Compactor

  1. Jumping jack rammer should be used for compaction of loose materials such as cohesive soil, sand and gravel, and shall not be used on cement pavement or other hard ground.
  2. Make sure you meet the following requirements before operation:
    (1) All parts are well connected without looseness;
    (2) the internal combustion rammer has enough lubricating oil and the throttle controller can rotate flexibly;
    (3) electric impact tamper has reliable zero or ground connection, and the surface insulation of the cable is intact.
  3.  In order to lubricate the parts and raise the temperature for normal operation, the internal combustion engine should idle for 3-5min after starting the internal combustion rammer, and then gradually increase the throttle until the rammer beats stably.
  4. We should check the rotation direction of the motor after the electric impact tamper’s power is switched on and the phase changing line should be reversed if any error happens
  5. In order to reduce the vibration to the human body, the hand handle should not be held too tightly, as long as the tamper’s walking speed can be controlled.
  6. During normal operation, do not press the handle hard, which will affect the jumping height of the tamper.When working on loose packing ground or going uphill, press the handle down slightly and increase the speed of rammer.
  7. In the place where needs to increase the compactness, we can use handle to control the tamper compacting repeatedly in the same place.
  8. According to the requirements of operation, the vibration frequency of internal combustion rammer should be changed within a certain range by adjusting the size of throttle.
  9. Internal combustion rammer is not suitable for continuous operation at high speed. The air-cooled two-stroke (4000r/min) gasoline engine of internal combustion engine will be damaged due to high temperature if the operation time is too long at a high speed. Do not stop suddenly when the internal combustion engine is running at high speed.
  10. Electric rammer should be equipped with electric leakage protection device, the operator must wear insulating gloves and shoes.When operating, the cable should not be too tight, we should always check the installation of the cable, to make sure the cable is not loose and causes leakage.Do not work under the rain.
  11. In operation, when there is abnormal sound, the impact tamper should be stopped immediately for inspection.
  12. When the machine needs to be transferred in a short distance, the rammer handle must be slightly raised first, the transport wheel should be loaded into the hook of the rammer. Then the handle should be pressed so that the center of gravity is tilted backward. Finally the rammer handle can be pushed to transfer the rammer.
  13. After the operation, remove the dirt, sand or other attachments on the rammer. Keep the rammer clean and safekeeping.

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    The products in Aido Machinery all adopt the most advanced technology and quality machine parts, which ensures that every client will be satisfied with quality of our products. We also have our own factory, so the quality of jumping jack compactors can be guaranteed.
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    As one kind of mini compaction equipment, jumping jack compactor is an necessity on the construction site for most workers today. A tamping rammer of good quality with reasonable price can be a big asset to your business. A jumping jack machine can not only make compaction easier on construction site, but it can save you a ton of time, create a better end product, and consequently earn you a higher profit margin on jobs.
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