Double Drum Roller for Sale

Introduction of Double Drum Roller

The road rollers can be divided into single drum ones and double drum ones. Our company, Aido Company has these both two types for sale.The biggest difference between single drum roller and double drum droller is that it has two drums instead of tires behind. That’s a characteristic which has its strength and shortcoming at the same time. A double drum roller can flatten ground in front of and behind the roller at the same time, while the single drum one can only compact on the front at one time.

It has double drums and no tires, so it uses these two drums to walk forward. Because of this, you can’t use this kind of machine for specialized work. They just work better on relatively flat ground or ground with gradual grading. They are not that suitable for slope.

double drum roller for sale

Model: DYJ2078/DYJ2079
Engine: HONDA GX390
Vibration frequency: 70hz
Drive: Hydraulic
Power: 13.0hp/3600rpm
Amount of lubricant: 1.1L
Fuel consumption: 374g/kw.h
Fuel tank capacity: 6.5L

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Advantages of Double Drum Roller

The most significant advantage of double drum roller is efficiency. After all when you are operating the roller, two drums will work on the same time, it’s double area when compared with single drum roller.That will certainly improve working efficiency and economize manpower.

Because of better power and efficiency, double drum roller can work greatly on asphalt.The machine can flatten ground of highway with fast speed and high accuracy.
The double drum roller can also work on areas like parking lots or new roads.Before paving, it can compact the surface. Then after the pouring phase, the single drum roller can also compact the pavement and make it even.

The double drum roller is a kind of heavy duty compaction machine, it weighs at least a ton. The power of double drum roller comes from its pair of steel drums. Because of its heavy weight and giant power, it can be driven over most of the substances.

Drum rollers are absolutely the most useful machine when you need to compact and flatten surface of construction site. When working on asphalt ground, the double drum roller is your best choice without doubt. For most other compaction job, the single drum can be a good choice too. Anyway, you should consider your working requirement and working site first. Then you can choose the most suitable kind to help your business efficiently.

Feature of Double Drum Roller for Sale

  1. French Poclain heavy-duty variable displacement piston pump, driving machine with infinitely variable speed walking
  2. The vibration of the steel wheel is driven by the Italian hydraulic motor, and the button can be pressed
  3. Streamlined large-capacity plastic water tank, beautiful and generous, no rust, less water
  4. Add high engine oil filling port for easy oil change
  5. American cycloidal hydraulic motor, double-drive walking
  6. Japan HONDA or B&S gasoline engine, high quality diesel engine
  7. Forward and backward infinitely variable speed. The vibration button is integrated into the control handle for easy operation. The engine is started with a neutral neutral safety mechanism to ensure safe operation.
  8. Equipped with safety seats, workers leave the seat and the engine is automatically turned off (optional)
Road roller double drum roller
American Light-weight Variable Piston Pump

vibrating drum roller
Streamlined-Shape High Capacity Water Tank

We provide products of best quality with reasonable price.

Compaction Performance of Double Drum Roller

  1. The compaction performance is the basic function of the steel wheel roller, which reflects the final operation effect of the project, including flatness, compaction, uniformity, etc.
  2. Compared with other types of rollers, steel-wheel rollers are mostly used for the implementation of asphalt pavement surface lamination, and the compaction degree has very strict requirements.
  3. If the compaction performance of double steel roller is defective, it will affect the final construction effect. For example, in the compaction operation, the aggregate is not rolled evenly or the aggregate is broken, which will reduce the road surface roughness, affect the safety and comfort of driving in the later period. At the same time, it is easy to appear the quality diseases such as overburden, loose and pushing.
  4. When using double steel wheel roller to thin layer pavement or bridge deck pavement, it will produce great impact.
  5. The surface aggregates are damaged so as to appear crushing phenomenon, which seriously damages the aggregate gradation characteristics, especially for the special structure of the mixture, aggregate more obvious impact.
  6. In order to ensure the compaction effect, it is necessary to ensure that the roller has good compaction performance and operates according to professional standards.
  7. According to the structure characteristics of the roller, set the working parameters, including rolling temperature, running speed, layer thickness, etc., to avoid resonance and vibration problems caused by improper vibration impact interval or vibration reduction performance Settings, affecting the pavement smoothness.
Double drum vibratory roller
Safe Driving Seat

double drum roller compactor
Operation Handle with Vibration Button

Working Parameter of Double Drum Roller

In order to give full play to the function of the steel roller, the working parameters must be set in advance, including the value of working quality, vibration parameters, driving speed and so on.
1.The rolling speed of the work efficiency and compaction effect has a key impact, it should improve the work efficiency when ensures the compaction effect at the same time.
The lower rolling speed can transfer more energy to the layer material and affect the construction material structure. However, it will also result in unsustainable spreading operations and reducing the compaction quality.
While higher rolling speed can improve the work efficiency, but it is easy to appear problem of material moving, and reduce the compaction flatness;
2.Whether the setting of amplitude and frequency is reasonable determines roller compaction performance. In the face of the differences between different compacted material performance, we need to adjust the amplitude and frequency, to avoid appearing low value to affect compaction performance. Or appearing problem of wheel vibration amplitude and vibration acceleration being too high, so that compaction performance and structure of roller will be affected.
In general, the vibration frequency of double steel roller should be kept constant to reduce the change of acceleration caused by frequency change and improve the compaction quality.

Double Drum Vibratory Roller Price

The price of double drum roller in our company is absolutely reasonable and competitive, because we have our own manufacturing factory to make sure producing products of best quality without extra cost. We can provide you various options without expanding your budget. So if you want to purchase any kind of road rollers, please feel free to contact us, we’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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