Concrete Laser Screed Machine

Working Principle of Concrete Laser Screed

Concrete laser screed machine is equipped with a laser emitter. This laser emitter creates a rotating laser, laser receiver of the leveling machine is designed to receive signals. After receiving the signal, the laser measurement and control system will starting to analyze it, and the deviation will be sent back to sensitive leveling machine computer control system. Then it will be sent to the whole flat electric putter, the whole flat electric putter will automatically adjust the scraper height from top to bottom.

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Model: DJJP385
Engine: Yanmar
Type: Diesel engine, water-cooled 4-stroke, four-cylinder
Power: 63.9kw/2500r/min
Drive: Hydraulic four-wheel drive
Steering mode: Front wheel / four wheel / crab shape
Wheel: Non-slip tire
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Our company, AIDO Co., Ltd. produces concrete laser leveling machine of high quality and reasonable price. We have the highest standard to inspect the quality of our products, and we also have a mature team to  provide the most thoughtful after-sale service.

The whole flat head is equipped with an integrated design of the scraper, vibrator and the whole plate. It can complete all leveling, vibration and compaction work at one time. The computerized control system automatically adjusts the elevation 10 times per second in real time.The vibration frequency of the balanced design vibrator reaches 4000 times/min.

Laser leveling machine is to use the scraper to take away higher concrete and preliminary compact it, in order to meet the design requirements of the elevation.
Hydraulic driven vibration motor produces vibration, frequency of 4000 times/min, driving the whole vibration plate to produce vibration on concrete together.
The leveling of the laser paver does not need to pull the control line, nor does it need side supporting template to control the ground elevation. The laser measurement and control system of the laser leveling machine controls it in real time. As long as the laser transmitter is not disturbed, no matter where the laser leveling machine moves, the overall elevation of the paved ground will not be affected.

Features of Concrete Laser Screed Machine

Our company, AIDO machinery produces concrete floor machine of high quality and reasonable price. We have the highest standard to inspect the quality of our products. Here are some main features of our concrete laser leveling machine.

  1. The machine adopts Germany Leica or America Trimble laser system. The laser emitter is dual-slope and remote-controlled, with long and stable laser emitting distance
  2. The machine is equipped with American Hydraforce hydraulic proportional control valve
  3. The machine adopts Yanmar or Honda engines
  4. The machine adopts American Eaton cycloidal motor
  5. The machine has centralized control of the console, the operation is at your fingertips
  6. Intelligent falling control of leveling machine can realize soft landing and ensure the precision of leveling plane
  7. The intelligent instrument panel monitors the engine and hydraulic system in real time all day long, and gives an alarm in time for troubleshooting
  8. Support leg of the machine is of intelligent control, which can achieve one-key leveling
  9. The wringer rotates for high precision adjustment, and the dynamic balance allowance is not more than 2 grams, greatly improving the leveling accuracy
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Hydraulic Driven High Pressure Clean Pump

Concrete Laser Screed
Germany Leica Laser System

We provide products of best quality with reasonable price.

Advantages of Concrete Laser Screed Machine

  1. The concrete laser screed machine has an integration of precision laser, high precision integrated hydraulic, closed loop control technology and other high-tech, through the automatic control of microcomputer work.
  2. The leveling mechanism is driven by hydraulic pressure, with the laser system and computer control system, the leveling work can be completed at the same time of automatic leveling, and the work efficiency is extremely high.
  3. The laser emitters used to control the ground level are independently disposed, and there is no cumulative error in the ground level. Compared with the traditional method, the flatness of the super-large area can also be controlled easily, and the usage of construction joints and formwork can be greatly reduced.
  4. The laser emitter can automatically control the plane and the two-way slope, and it can also be equipped with the
    special-shaped ground processing system to realize the complex ground with high requirements such as drainage.
  5. The front – mounted driving operation mode of the machine can expand the scope of vision, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
  6. Steering, forward and backward operations are integrated in the handle. The operation buttons and controllers are distributed on the side of the seat, making the operation more convenient and simple.
concrete laser sceed control platform
Centralized Control Platform

concrete laser screed machine
Leveling Mechanism

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Using a laser leveling machine to compact concrete ground is of high degree of automation. Then the labor intensity is small. It can also save templates, channel steel and reduce human input. Laser leveling machine is divided into walking type and riding type, and very easy to operate. Therefore it’s applied to concrete floor construction, making the heavy manual work change to mechanical paving, vibrating, leveling, pulp, plaster and so on. So using the machine ensures that operators are greatly saved, at the same time greatly reduce the labor intensity.
The realization of one-time pavement construction of large area sub-block makes that the middle of the sub-block does not need the support formwork. While reducing the support formwork and channel steel, the construction process is further reduced and the construction progress is accelerated.
Therefore, the use of laser leveling machine products to do the ground can effectively save labor, reduce long-term operating costs.

Maintenance of Concrete Laser Leveling Machine

  1. First you have to know how thick laser leveling machine can work within, and then according to the grade and thickness of concrete to select the most appropriate leveling machine. When you choose, try not to choose above or below the leveling machine working range of the concrete grade or thickness. Because it is easy to cause unnecessary wear and mechanical failure. the mechanical structure of the leveling machine itself or electric control system can be caused wear and tear.
    The selection of inappropriate concrete will also make that the flatness of the ground can’t meet the requirements. For the machine itself, it will be reduced the service life. The best choice is to choose the right machinery fir the right grade of concrete.
  2. The second point is to know working time of laser leveling machine engine. The engine should be maintained aperiodically, and the operator should replace oil filter and air filter timely, so that the engine life can be extended, and make its work efficiency can always reach a perfect state.
  3. The laser leveling machine has a set of laser system, in which the laser transmitter is a highly sophisticated instrument. So whether it is in the work or not work, it should be carefully stored. Especially the laser transmitter, it needs to keep enough power, attention not to let its use be affected because of lacking power.
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