Compact Wheel Loader

Compared with skid steer loaders, compact wheel loader sometimes can be a better choice when you need to use a suitable loader on your working site. Our company, Aido Group manufactures and sells varieties of wheel loaders, so you can always choose one type that is most suitable for your practical operation.

Compact wheel loaders generally are articulated wheel loader, this turning way of articulation has its unique advantages and are better at some kind of work requirements and working sites. In the following, several factors will be shown to explain why compactors are different from other types of wheel loaders, like skid steer ones.

compact wheel loader for sale
Compact Wheel Loader

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Compact Wheel Loader

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When you’re operating a compact loader, and you need to make a turn, the whole machine’s pivots between axles will cause the boom to swing to one side or another. Therefore, if you’re using a compact tractor loader to push snow, this can be a huge advantage. Because of the articulation, your implement will always be perpendicular to the machine’s walking direction. Also, when you turn a corner, the bucket of the machine will always be 90 degrees to your walking direction. In a word, you don’t have to put extra effort to move back and forth, again and again, you don’t have to spin to get the” squared up”.

Lifting Capacity

Large skid steer loaders have larger shapes and can be easily thought of as having a higher weight capacity. However, the truth is not like this. Even small compact wheel loaders can boast a high weight capacity that large ski steer ones can’t achieve. Normally, the compact loader is longer, so it will have more counterbalance than skid steer loaders. Thus, the tipping point of the compact one is greater. When you’re reading specifications, one thing you shouldn’t forget is that the wheel loader has its special rating settings when speaking to lifting capacity. The rate is sorted as no turn, half turn, and full turn. Cause the more you’re turned, the less weight you can lift or carry.

Traction For Snow Removal

One of the main usages for a compact track loader is snow removal. So if the main reason that you want to buy a loader is to do snow removal work, a compact wheel loader must be your first choice. The factor, traction will be your first consideration when you’re considering to buy a compact loader. Traction can impact a lot on your working efficiency so that it can affect your profit and working experience eventually. During the machine’s turn, the compact tractor loader can have four wheels engaged with the ground. This will make its traction a stronger point than other types. For example, the skid steer loader is turning by propelling one side of the wheels faster than the other side. Therefore the skid steer loader needs to slip to turn, which makes it weaker in traction.

Operator Comfort

The operator’s comfort while driving is another important factor to consider. Manual operation is a crucial part when using loaders to do construction work on the worksite. First, safety is one thing that we must guarantee. Second, we should increase the operator’s comfortableness in the base of safety. The driving cab of our compact wheel loader(Aido Machinery) has a transparent specialized glass of full direction, which can ensure the driver’s perfect sight and safety. Also, we have an air conditioner on the option for your needs. Besides, the driving seat is designed for your body comforts, you can drive the loader more easily and comfortably on it. The comfortable operation environment is a necessary part that we should consider when considering to buy a wheel loader.

Motion Sickness

If you easily get motion sickness when you’re driving. The compact wheel must be your better choice. Skid steer loader often makes you experience continuous hard stops. Also, the spinning or reverse with this machine can also make you feel uncomfortable or dizzy. Skid steer loaders are required with your deft operation, and it will react very fast and quickly. So compared with a compact wheel loader, it is more likely to cause you motion sickness. If you have issues like this, the compact loader is a better choice for sure.

compact tractor loader for sale
Compact Wheel Loader For Sale

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Feature of Compact Wheel Loader (ZD932)

  1. Streamlined appearance design, elegant and gorgeous
  2. The working device bucket can be set level automatically, the computer is adapted to optimize design, high efficiency.
  3. New sealing cab, Grammer seat, the operating environment is more comfortable
  4. It can allocate many kinds of select ante assembly such as wooden fork, stone bucket, enlarged bucket, plow, fork, etc, to meet the needs of various working states.


Related Loading: 3000kg

Overall Weight: 9600kg

Bucket Capacity: 1.8-2.5m3

Maximum Traction Force: 95KN

Maximum Breakout Force: 127KN

Maximum Dump Height: 3100mm

Maximum Dump Reach: 1006mm

Overall Dimension (L×W×H): 6890*2430*3070mm

Minimum Turning Radius: 5097mm

Engine Type: Deutz engines WP6G125E22

Engine Type: Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine

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As compact wheel loader manufactures, Aido Company has always been devoted to providing the best quality products to clients. We understand that any brand’s reputation must stand on the real quality of its products. First of all, we have our manufacturing factory with the most advanced equipment and skilled employees. This makes sure that we can control the whole quality of our machine. From each tiny machine parts to the whole machine, we can ensure that its quality meets the highest standards of this industry. Second, which is also a point that many clients concern a lot, we can try to lower the price on the base of high quality. Since we have our own factory, we can reduce the unnecessary cost. Therefore, Aido can provide you a very reasonable and competitive price.


As an experienced and responsible service team, it is no doubt that we have always put the customer’s satisfactory in the first place. If you have any questions about this product before buying, please contact us online directly. You can use E-mail, phone or chat online. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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