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Agriculture Tractor is one of the most common used equipment in agricultural work. Henan Aido Group has various tractors for sale, large and small, to meet your different working needs. As a kind of self-propelled agricultural power machinery, tractor needs to be matched with various farm tools to complete the corresponding operation. Therefore, equipped with different suitable agricultural machine, the tractor can play a huge role in your agricultural work. With a cost-effective tractor, your work efficiency will be greatly improved. Also, much energy and time will be saved, so that it can make you get more profit.

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Uses of Tractor in Agriculture

Tractors can be generally used in various agricultural task. It can be used in tasks like plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting and so on. To use it in the farm, various farm implements can be attached to agriculture tractors to accomplish all kinds of work. Therefore, with suitable equipment, the tractor can meet lots of requirements in your farm.

Generally, the implements will be attached to the rear of your tractor. They are attached by a drawbar, or sometimes a 3-point hitch. The operator can move the equipment attached to 3-point hitch by using its control lever. Hydraulically, the equipment can be raised and lowered easily. Devices attached to three-point suspension devices are usually fully supported by tractors. Another way to connect tools is through a quick connector connected to a three-point suspension. This allows an individual to attach tools faster and at lower risk when attaching tools.

In some agriculture tractors, a blowtorch cylinder attached to the side is used with a pneumatic drill air compressor permanently attached to its power output unit. They are usually equipped with grass (turf) tires that do less damage to soft surfaces than agricultural tires. Presumably, industrial strip tires do less damage to lawns and soft surfaces than farm tires, but provide similar traction and have the advantage of self-cleaning. These are usually seen on road-construction backhoes.

Why You Need a Agriculture Tractor

Some people may think that tractors can only move materials from one place to another, which is absolutely wrong. Different attachments can be placed on farm tractors, making them more effective in agriculture.

A farmer must know that, he can use a tractor in many ways, so that he does not need to buy other tools. Because the tractor can do on its own.

First, you can use it for your own land work. By installing plows on farm tractors, you can move them across your land and plow them effortlessly. It breaks down large chunks of soil, and with the help of this machine, you can prepare the land for planting and farming and a variety of other uses.

Once you have finished farming and are ready to farm, then you can now use different farm tools and tractor accessories. The tractor manufacturer has come up with a built-in application, such as a drill or planter, so that you can easily sow seeds with the help of this machine.

You can drive through the vast land and spread the seeds to where you want them to grow. After you start planting, you can easily pull the sprayer away from your plants.

In addition, it can be used to transfer items from one place to another. For example, if you have lots of material to transfer, you can drag everything in the tractor, then drive it to wherever you want the material to be.

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Features of Aido Agriculture Tractor (DTY350)

  1. 35HP, two-wheel drive.
  2. 3-cylinder diesel engine YND490, rated power 25.7kW.
  3. Wet and double-disc plate brake, good braking effect and high safety.
  4. Provided with dual clutch and transmission device, with higher working efficiency.
  5. Compact structure, small turning radius and flexible steering
small tractors for sale
Model DTY350
Type 4*2
Dimensions(mm) Length 3540
Width 1485
Height 2677
Tread Front Wheel 1100-1400
Rear Wheel 1100-1400
Min. Ground Clearance 380
Min. Operating Weight (kg,with ROPS) 1535
Max.Lifting Force (kN) 5.8
Ballast Weight (kg) Front Ballast 80
Rear Ballast 100
Engine Model SL3100ABT-2
Type Vertical,3-Cylinder, Water Cooled and 4-Stroke
Rated Power (kW) 25.7
Rated Speed (r/min) 2200
Fuel Diesel
Tyre Front Wheel 5.50-16
Rear Wheel 11.2-28
Clutch Single-action clutch
Steering Hydraulic steering
Transmission Type 8+4
Suspension Type 3-Point links
PTO Type and Rev Non-independent Type 540/1000
Spline Size 6 Teeth
Aido Tractor For Sale
Aido Tractors For Sale

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Agriculture Tractor Price

When you decide to purchase a tractor for your farm work, you can see lots of brands on the market. Probably you’ll be confused of choosing which brand or company. One thing that matters most is that people would like to have a quality tractor with a reasonable price. Aido Machinery always knows that only providing high cost-effective products to client, can our company survive and develop further in the future. Therefore, with our own manufacturing factory, we produce and sell products that uses high end technology and delivers maximum productivity. Also, since we have our own factory, we can control the production cost and make the price lower.

Maintenance Tips of Tractor

  1. Always pay attention to the chassis oil level, the oil can not be below the scale of the oil ruler. If the oil is not enough, we should fill it, so as not to cause transmission damage due to low oil level.
  2. Always pay attention to the oil level in other positions, such as elevator housing, hydraulic tank, front axle housing, oil bath type empty filter, etc.
  3. Brake oil is dual-use or triple-use for hydraulic transmission, do not use brake fluid!
  4. Check the main clutch air travel and auxiliary clutch air travel.
  5. In the process of shifting gears, especially forward to reverse and high-grade to lower gear, to step on the clutch after a few seconds to shift gears, do not just step on the clutch to shift gears.The main purpose of this is to protect the gears and prevent premature wear.
  6. During use, it is forbidden to use auxiliary clutch as neutral power output.
  7. Pay attention to check the location of oil leakage, whether the bolts are loose, timely treatment.
  8. Pay attention to the engine failure indicator on the instrument, contact the engine service station or after-sales service immediately.
  9. Turn off the switch or remove the battery when storing for a long time.
  10. Add lubricating oil to rotating parts, such as front bridge, elevator, etc.
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